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Who Has the Best Car Insurance?
In addition to finding the best car insurance companies in total, our survey has helped us discover how these companies accumulate in five key areas. We have identified companies with outstanding customer service,Car insurance quotes application management and customer loyalty. We have also identified companies whose policy owners may most likely renew or recommend a friend.Car insurance quotes

USAA has swept all five of these lower levels in addition to taking the top spot in our list of Leading Car Insurance Company. However, not all policyholders will meet USAA membership requirements. For that reason, we have identified the runner-up in each category so that all buyers can learn about the best option for each of these categories.

We have asked policyholders to rate their experience with their insurance companies on a five-point scale and explain their thinking. Respondents were divided into two groups, those who opened the policy five years ago and those who applied. The latter group was asked additional questions about its satisfaction with the process during and after filing the claim, as well as its satisfaction with the way the claim was handled.

This information was compiled at the lower levels to determine the company with the best customer satisfaction in certain areas.

Best of Customer Service: Regional Farm
If you do not qualify for USAA but customer service is the most important thing to you, check out State Farm. Our research shows that State Farm customers are generally happier than rivals of rival companies.

One of the advantages of State Farm is that most areas have local offices. This provides a place for personal customer service compared to insurance retailers that provide primarily mobile- and web-based interactions. One respondent commented, “I know if I ever have a problem, I can visit their office and talk face-to-face with a real person who is a member and supporter of our community.”

Priority claims: National
The best result can be car insurance that you will never use, but that is not possible. When it comes time to file a complaint, nationally it is the best decision for consumers who want the claim process as painless as possible. Of the national respondent respondents, 76% were completely satisfied with the ease of application, 62% were completely satisfied with the status quo updates, and 74% were completely satisfied with the claim decision.

Best of Customer Loyalty: Regional Farm
The scoring method of our survey measures customer loyalty based on the answers to many questions. After USAA, State Farm enjoys excellent customer loyalty in companies at our level, with generally high scores and positive customer feedback. Respondents to the survey noted competitive prices and excellent customer service as highlighted by State Farm.

Recommendations: Geico
Our survey shows that Geico customers are more likely to recommend this company to friends and family. This is an excellent measure of overall customer satisfaction. About 41% of respondents who did not claim said they were likely to recommend Geico, and of those who did, the number rose to 49%.

More Opportunities for Renewal: State Farm
If a car insurance company retains most of its customers during a policy renewal, it does the right thing. Our survey shows that outside of USAA, State Farm is at the forefront of customer retention, indicating high satisfaction. About 61% of State Farm customers who have applied for compensation may renew their policy, while another 20% have reported that they may renew.

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